11 Reasons Why Writing a Book May Be the Best Content Marketing Strategy Ever

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Thousands of years.

A rich history of text.

Books make us think of libraries and quiet moments.

But why don’t books also make us think about marketing?

Books may not be the flavor of the day when it comes to advertising, but writing a book may just be one of the greatest marketing strategies ever.

1) Building Authority

What could possibly have more authority than a book? They have been the go-to source for centuries, even millennia and even now if you have penned a book, you are held in a higher regard. Anyone can write a blog post, but you have risen above the masses and actually created a whole book!

2) Integrated Marketing Tool

Books have long been a source of multiple marketing elements. Your name is on the front cover of the book, of course, and your words and inside of it, but that book is also the place where you can demonstrate ideas, techniques and display some of your very best inventions and thoughts without worrying about a two-minute time limit.

Like all marketing, the best versions are designed with the customer in mind, not your own ego, but if your book is all about ways to boost productivity and you just so happen to have some productivity tools you’ve developed over the years, why not mention them?

3) Gifting Potential

A book is substantial enough to feel valuable, even if you never read it. That is true for your clients as well. Once you have a useful book on hand, you can give it away as a gift with any number of other purchases or as an incentive for simply signing up.

It would be amazing if everyone read it and appreciated your ideas (and clever marketing angles), but even if people never open it, they still feel like they actually got something from you and that builds trust and respect.

4) Improved Audience

An audience willing to appreciate and even read a book is one that isn’t particularly fickle, and they are probably pretty educated as well. This can be a huge bonus when it comes to selling items and services to those who appreciate higher quality and long-term relationships.

While that might not be the ideal audience for every seller, it’s a more discerning crowd some are trying to reach and a book might be just the way to get there.

5) Compile Existing Elements

A book is a great way to bring a collection of posts, emails, instructions and images together in a single, cohesive way. If the thought of writing a book was intimidating, think of how many blog posts and forum responses you’ve written over the years.

Have any diagrams and product images laying around? Collect all of the pieces you already have, put them together, write the connecting elements and you’ll have a book in no time.

6) Ghostwriting

If you’re still not ready to commit to actually writing your own book, you can simply pay someone else to do it for you. A ghostwriter will take your ideas and instructions and turn them into a book on your behalf. This is a great way to create a book without taking the time to actually pen one yourself.

Be aware, however, that writing a book is a long-term gig in most cases and you’ll want to be sure that you have contracts in order and disclosure forms ready as well to protect your interests.

7) A Basis of Knowledge

Writing a book will not only allow you to share your knowledge with the world, but also show you where there might be holes in your own foundation. There’s nothing like starting a chapter and coming up blank to send you out for serious research and a greater understanding of your own subject matter.

8) Cover Complexities

While simple may be best in some worlds, other areas are simply too complex for a short blog post or instructional video. A book gives you chapters for outlining ideas, connecting dots and exploring ideas deeply. Having hundreds of pages available is easily the best way to cover any complex topic.

9) Underutilized

Writing a book seems daunting to most marketers. It’s time-consuming and you have to know a lot to write a lot. Perhaps for this reason books are underutilized in the world of marketing. However, a well-written book can be a huge selling point for a company and an even bigger bit of advertising for promotional materials and services.

10) Establish Dominance

When the pond is rather small, it’s pretty easy to emerge as a big fish. There seem to be fewer books out there every year, but we know that millennials are reading more than any generation before them.

That means there is an unexploited avenue available for the marketer who is willing to write the book and jump into that particular sales gap. He who does it well gets all of the bragging rights, of course.

11) Create a Lasting Presence

Websites come and go. Blogs come and go even fasters. But books tend to stick around. While e-books can be hit or miss, actually printing your book – either as a self-published piece or through a publisher and distributor – means you’re entering the world where your ideas and your words will actually last through the ages. And that’s a very humbling, and empowering, thought.

Writing a book is a daunting task. It’s not for every industry and it’s not for every marketer. But for those who are willing to take on the task and approach the challenge with the necessary enthusiasm, there are certainly rewards to be won.




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