Logo Design Without Design Skills

How To Make An Awesome Logo Design Without Design Skills

I am always checking out new software to find ways to not only improve my processes but to inspire me with new creative ideas. I also find it important to stay on top of the latest technologies. It’s fascinating how fast things change and how many great ideas people come with to do old thing in new ways. Today I focus on methods for logo design.

After about 20 years in the business of graphic design and web design I have no idea how many software applications I have worked with or at least tried out but it’s easily over 1,000. I regularly use all the industry standard application like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere etc. and along the way I have tried many others. Some are great and some are just plain awful.

Logo design process

When doing logo design for clients I always reach for Illustrator first. It’s amazing of course. When you start from scratch and stare at a blank page, just like writers, you can get a block. The possibilities are endless and it can be overwhelming so you develop a process. You ask standard questions like what the product or service is and who they want to appeal to. Would their customers be young or old? Should it be modern or Retro? Should it have an icon or be just Typeface? Maybe it  should have a shape like a rectangle or circle surrounding it?

There are lots of questions. It’s a process you should go through to narrow down the focus so you come up with the best way to communicate and represent that company’s products or services. It’s also wise to get some inspiration by looking around at what works for similar companies and successful competitors. For a more broad approach you might check out what other designers are doing by going to sites like Behance  or Designspiration

Easy-to-use Tool for logo design

In my quest for finding new ways to do things, I was introduced to LogoJoy.com. It’s a website where you go through a step by step process to select your preferred elements and eventually come up with some great logo choices.

I loved it because it takes you through the process I mentioned but in a different way. Through the various steps they ask you what styles you like, colours icons etc. It’s fast and this is kind of a brainstorming approach and you are presented with a bunch of logo concepts at the end. I wouldn’t call them award winning designs but this what I would call the brainstorming phase.

After the initial choices you have easy-to-use options for each element and then it generates lots of version with just that element changed. If you want to change the headline font to a handwritten font it immediately shows you the same logo displayed with endless choices of fonts. This process is way faster then trying out different fonts one at a time in Illustrator or Photoshop. You can experiment and refine colours, layout, symbols and container elements in similar way.

If you’re not sure of the icon you initially chose for your logo design then try some others. By the way, I blown away by the seemingly endless selection of icons. I have tons of icons in my collection and use lots of icon fonts like Ionicons, FontAwesome etc. but the selection of icons that LogoJoy offers is truly impressive. There are tons of industry specific icons as well as a great selection of creative, abstract icons. Again, having the icons presented the way that LogoJoy does is way faster than using your desktop design application.

Can I use the logo for large format printing?

The big questions that professionals would have is whether a final file comes in vector format and the answer is YES! You do get the final file in vector format so it’s totally scalable and editable. You also get full copyright ownership.

We many or may not use it for for final design but LogoJoy is great tool even if you use it to put some good ideas together quickly. Here’s one I made in a few minutes: https://logojoy.com/s/15330785

You can also make easy mockups to can see how your new logo looks on a bottle, hat, box, t-shirt and more.

I have tried out many of these kinds of sites and got the kind of results you might expect from automated design – cheesey with extra cheese. They were immature, like a child might put together, just useless really.

If you’re a startup and need a nice logo but you don’t have a budget to hire a pro, LogoJoy can be a great option for you. If you’re a graphic designer looking for new tools or inspiration, here’s another great one to put in your arsenal.