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Four Proven Ways to Score Quality Leads with Digital Marketing

Did you know it costs $300 to $500 to qualify a sales lead offline, versus about $30 online? While it’s true that the conversion rate is lower for online prospects at 18.5 percent compared to 40 percent for offline leads, you could still close more deals by spending less time and money on digital marketing to find people potentially interested in what your company sells.

Even more encouraging, closing the deal or moving a prospect further down the pipeline increases by 340 percent when a salesperson follows up within the first hour. So, how do you increase sales and find these people? Keep reading.

They Show Up at your Website

Having a strong online presence is a passive way to find new leads, but it is vital nonetheless. If people learn about your company’s products or services and then can’t find a website when they search for one, they may write you off as amateurish. Besides increased credibility, a company website or even your own personal sales website brings people to you instead of you having to go out and find them.

However, it’s important to work with a digital marketing company to optimize your site for search engines and to frequently publish new content. The more you publish, the more Google and the other search engines index your site and conclude that it’s fresh and relevant.

They Download One of Your Free Products

Who doesn’t like to try before they buy? By offering a free product download, such as an eBook or a podcast, prospective customers can learn about your products and organization with no obligation. While you hope they follow through with a future purchase, there is something about getting a free download without having to listen to a sales pitch that appeals to people. They expect to list their contact information in exchange for the free product, but this gives them more control.

A cardinal rule in offering a free product download is that it should relate to the products people must pay to receive. Even so, you should offer a high-quality item that can stand on its own merits. You can – and should – follow up to see if the prospect has any interest in your paid products.

They Click on One of Your Ads

Online advertising options like Google AdWords and Facebook are a budget-friendly way to increase traffic to your website and your free download. To get the greatest return on investment for these and similar products, it’s important to choose keywords carefully to target specific website visitor demographics. As an example of how this works, imagine that you offer a free download on how to effectively manage diabetes. You would want to target people who recently searched for anything related to this chronic health condition, particularly if you sell things like testing kits.

Keep in mind that not everyone makes an ideal customer for your product or service, nor would you want ads with that broad of an appeal. The more you know your audience, the easier it becomes to create ads for them. This is another area where you might want to work with an experienced digital marketing company.

They Read Your Newsletter or Blog Post

Professional sales training programs teach that digital marketing and in particular, content marketing should be a major source of new leads for good reason. Sending out a newsletter to all your subscribers keeps you fresh in their minds. Additionally, it provides people with useful information they can apply to their everyday lives. You should never send a newsletter just to advertise since most people won’t read it. The way to get their attention while subtly promoting yourself is to send them relevant articles. You can re-purpose this content later into a blog post for those who prefer to do their reading online.

Some useful advice for your Digital Marketing Strategies

Get their email address. Don’t just drive traffic to your site, make a connection. If you have made the effort to get traffic to your site, make the most of it by getting visitors to give you their email address so you can reach out to them later. Ask them for their email in return for a free downloadable file – something you think would be of value to them. Check out Sumo for some great ideas as well as their WordPress plugin to help implement this strategy.

Use social media. Social media can’t be ignored. It is where the so-called magic happens.  Many businesses have been built purely based on social media and posting your articles on social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website. It can be confusing at first but once you get set up and and get a feel for it, you’ll find it easier and maybe even pleasurable.

Use Video. YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google of course. People love to learn things visually and YouTube is where they like to go to find it. You have likely done it yourself a few times. So ask yourself how your knowledge, related to your business could help solve a problem for your customers. Think of a way to communicate that visually and make a video. Maybe it’s you speaking on camera or maybe it’s more like a slide show with a voice-over. There’s lots of possibilities, just give it some thought or if you’re stuck, search YouTube for some inspiration. If you find it difficult to find the time and energy to do it all yourself, consider hiring a professional to shoot and edit – it will be worth it.